Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking My Streetglide To Sturgis 2012? Not sure.

As I pack for my trip to Sturgis next week i'm often asked will you go to Sturgis 2012 as well? Heck i'm not sure, it's 12 months away and life can throw you lots of curveballs. I've taken many other bike trips on my Streetglide that have nothing to do with Sturgis so i'm inclined to say no. Not that I won't have fun this year, it will be a blast! But usually I head to Sturgis every other year or sometimes skip multiple years and head to other states to keep my riding fresh. Sure Sturgis 2012 will have more and better bands as each year everything tops the previous year but there are many trips and many opportunities to take a great ride on my 2006 Streetglide. I imagine that after this years trip to Sturgis i'll have a better opinion and depending on what concerts are lined up will really help me make up my mind.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taking My Streetglid to Sturgis 2011

I bought my Streetglide in 2006 and i've taken it to Sturgis just once. I've taken it to Michigan and Chicago as well but on the trip to Sturgis I found my Streetglide to be the best bike i've ever taken to the rally. The fairing provided excellent wind protection which is critical if you are headed west on I-90 trying to make time. It was also helpful in the rain allowing me to duck behind it and maintain a good pace so I could make time and hit the Sturgis Campgrounds by dinner. This year i'll be taking the Streetglide to Sturgis 2011 but i'm not sure exactly where i'll be staying. I know once again i'll be glad to have the good looks, great riding and of course the radio to keep me comfortable on the ride out to Sturgis.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paid Off My Streetglide

Whoo hoo, I made my final payment on my Streetglide this week. When I sold my Softail I was going to put the money towards my 2006 Streetglide but since the interest rate was just 5.5 percent on the loan I decided to use the money to add to the down payment on my Minnesota House For Rent. This might not have been such a great idea as I hate making payments and it really makes owning my Streetglide less interesting. Now that my Harley is paid off it will be alot more fun owning and riding it without making a $380 a month payment each month. Now I just have to pay off my truck and mortgage on my primary and rental house to be payment free. A long goal I know but clearing the debt on the Streetglide really moves me closer to that goal.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Excellent Edina Mall Southdale

A friend and I were in Edina killing time when we decided to get something to eat. We headed over to Southdale Mall which is a nice upscale mall in Edina Minnesota. I had never been to Southdale so I was amazed at the variety of shops and the upscale nature of the mall really fit with Edina's cakeeater image. One of my favorite aspects of Southdale mall is the restaurants. Big names like Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen make sure that a day of shopping at Southdale Mall can end with a great meal, excellent drinks and desert. Depending on where you live in Minnesota Southdale Mall can be a hall but it is certainly a great alternative to other malls like the Mall of America in Bloomington.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

48 MPG From My Streetglide

With gas getting so expensive I decided to discover what the MPG is for a Streetglide. I'm pleased to report that driving conservatively and coasting at times I was able to get 48 MPG on an 83 mile trip. I'll be doing more testing and documenting the data at my motorcycle MPG blog. I'm hoping I can determine what the Streetglide MPG is based on various styles of driving.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Streetglide As A Business Vehicle?

Last winter I bought a rental property in Coon Rapids Minnesota. As a result, I now make alot of trips to Coon Rapids to visit the property and take care of business. I'm pleased to report that my drill and tools all fit within the hard bags on my Streetglide. Best yet I get to write off milage while riding my Streetglide to work on the Coon Rapids House that I rent out. Makes things that might normally be quite boring something I now look forward to.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Streetglide Top Speed

In case you were wondering, the top speed of my 2006 Streeglide is 110mph headed into a steady wind no extra weight. Despite plenty of room it held the 110mph. The motor is 88 inches, SE-204 cam and a Mikuni HSR-42 carb with Hooker tuned flow pipes.